Revill v Newbery [1996]: A Case Summary

Revill v Newbery

Case name & citation: Revill v Newbery [1996] QB 567; [1996] 1 All ER 291; [1996] 2 WLR 239 What does the case deal with? Revill v Newbery [1996] deals with issues related to trespass and self-defense. To what extent can force be used to protect one’s property? Facts of Revill v Newbery Newbery, a … Read more

Lowery v Walker [1911]: A Quick Summary

Lowery v Walker

Lowery v Walker [1911] is a UK tort law case concerning the liability of an occupier to people habitually crossing his land and the occupier’s acquiescence to this. Given below are the case details: Case name & citation: Lowery v Walker [1911] AC 10; [1910] UKHL 1; [1910] UKHL 726 Court and jurisdiction: House of … Read more

Hackshaw v Shaw [1984]: A Case Summary

Hackshaw v Shaw

Case name & citation: Hackshaw v Shaw [1984] HCA 84; (1984) 155 CLR 614 What is the case about? Hackshaw v Shaw [1984] is a tort law case that revolved around issues of negligence, trespass, and duty of care. It dealt with the question of whether an occupier of property can be held liable for … Read more

A Quick Summary of Cowell v Rosehill Racecourse Co Ltd [1937]

Cowell v Rosehill Racecourse

Cowell v Rosehill Racecourse Co Ltd [1937] is a tort law case from Australia differentiating between contractual rights and property rights. Case name & citation: Cowell v Rosehill Racecourse Co Ltd [1937] HCA 17; (1937) 56 CLR 605; [1937] ALR 273 What is the case about? The case is about the revocability of licenses and … Read more